The Ultimate Playbook for Designers

Not just a notebook, a business tool that guides you through every area of the design process. Starting at the brief and ending at Invoice and follow-up!

Why the playbook?


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Ready to show up confident in every area of the design process?

Being a designer is more than just designing. It is about having control of the brief, the conversation, asking the right questions and definitely having the admin under control - HOW?

you're in the right place.

Simplifying the design and business process and taking you from insecure to empowered and in control.

Why the Playbook?

As a Creative Director collaborating with other designers, I have seen, heard and experienced designer needs.

You are talented and fabulous at what you do, but you get lost in the admin side, asking the right questions or having the printing specs correct. Keeping the notes together and understanding what is a brand? It all can be much - this is a one in all notebook AND guidebook for you to make your process easier so that you can show up in your creative genius!

*** Why a paper-based book and not a digital book? There is something magical and freeing to physically get notes, ideas, and conversations onto paper. Opening your creative energy through action.

Her passion for creativity and drive to design is highly contagious! Thank you for sharing your unique love for design with me.

— Stephanie

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Empowering you as a designer is what it is all about. If you know your worth you will change the world!


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