Crafting designs and branding that make a lasting impact.


I advocate for collaboration, connections, research, and strategy—believing in the profound influence of branding to create timeless, impactful designs that drive progress. Quality work takes precedence over speed in my philosophy.


My Story

My graphic design story kicked off in Cape Town, South Africa, back in 2001, following three intense years of diving into Graphic Design studies. When I returned to Namibia in 2005, I spent a good five years shaping my skills within Ogilvy Namibia. Then, in 2010, I took the plunge and set up my own studio. Along the way, I delved deeper into the world of creative strategy and specialised in branding.

To me, collaboration is where the magic happens—I'm a firm believer that amazing ideas can pop up from anyone, anywhere!

When I dive into a project, I bring this mantra with me: 'think global, act local'. It's this way of thinking that infuses impact, regardless of where you are on the map.

what i can do for you:


Hey there, let's talk collaboration! Working hand-in-hand with your clients and fellow creatives isn't just the way forward—it's the secret sauce for real impact and growth.

Brand Development

Let's team up and craft something amazing! A visual brand that doesn't just look fantastic but also roots itself in your business vision.


At times, a new perspective or fresh set of eyes can work wonders on a project or brief. That's precisely where my consulting services step in.


Partnerships & Collaborations

The power is in working together.

I'm here to guide graphic designers and their clients, offering insights into the design process. I aim to equip designers with the tools they need to harness their power throughout their business journey and foster strong, meaningful relationships between designers and clients.


The designed Life Journal


Brand Development.

Clarity is Key!

Here's a little secret: your brand is so much more than just a logo! I'm here to assist in crafting visual aesthetics that align with your business goals, aspirations, and dreams. Why? Because a strategically designed brand is an investment that grows alongside your business. It's the key to building trust, fostering affection, and creating a lasting bond with customers—no matter the economic ups and downs.

This ensures impact

Visibilty amongst competitors

LOYAL customers to generate revenue

Brand Consulting

Need Help Figuring Things Out?

Not sure what's amiss? I'm here to lend a hand. Sometimes, the clearest view comes from the outside. My aim is to assist your team in crafting meaningful work and fostering personal growth alongside collective teamwork. Working within an agency can sometimes create tunnel vision. That's where an outside perspective steps in—offering fresh directions and impactful insights to drive your brand forward."

Collaboration with your entire team

Work that inspires

outcomes that satisfy your clients objectives

Kind Words

Working with Kunshuis brings about sheer happiness. Their creativity is on point and the end result … always amazing. I highly recommend their services to my clients as I appreciate their attention to detail and dedication to perfection.


Kunshuis has provided excellent work and has always achieved to translate exactly what our business wants to portray through the designs. This isn’t often the case, and therefore our number one choice.


It is a privilege to work with Nelett from Kunshuis. Not only due to her dedication & professionalism, but always understanding exactly what a client’s wants and providing a service & product over & above expectations.


Am I Right For You?

You are ready to invest in your BRAND

You're overwhelmed by branding

you are looking to collaborate

ready to do good work not fast work

you want to stand out

Why Choose KunsHuis?


At KunsHuis, our mission is to deliver top-tier creative services. We're committed to not just meeting but surpassing the expectations of each client, setting new standards of excellence.

Building Lasting Relationships

We believe in lasting relationship building and growing together as business goals change.

Innovative Solutions

We commit ourselves to encourage innovation and new ideas to maintain our competitive edge.


It’s never too late
to rewrite your
your business
or reignite your

let's work together

The KunsHuis Promise

What Makes Me Different

I get you. I have been there. I can help.

You're unique, and so are your products and services. While I appreciate trends and innovative business approaches, I merge these insights with solid branding principles and your specific goals. My focus is on creating work that reflects your distinctiveness—more than just appearances, it's about achieving your objectives.
Every aspect designed for your business is purpose-driven, geared towards guiding you to success in your chosen direction.

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