Creating design and branding with impact.


I believe in collaboration, connection, research, strategy and the power of branding to creative, timeless design work that move the needle forward.


My Story

In 2017  I co-founded Africa's first Creative resources website and in
2020 started my Magazine blog to celebrate all the PRETTY in the world!

I started my career in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2004 after three years of studying Graphic Design. When I came back to Namibia, I worked for an International Advertising agency for five years and started my studio in 2010. I have been rewarded the
Best Design Studio in Namibia 2021 by MEA Markets and studied further to become better in creative strategy and as a Brand Specialist. I believe in the power of collaboration, and that great idea can come from anyone and anywhere!  

I believe in acting LOCAL, thinking GLOBAL in every project I work on - this way of thinking gives impact no matter where you are in the world.

what i can do for you:


Collaborate and listen!
Collaborating with your clients and fellow creatives is  the future of actual impact and development.

Brand Development

Let's create something great together!
A visual brand that not only looks great but is grounded in your business vision. 


Sometimes you need an outside perspective or fresh eyes on a project or brief. That is where my consulting services come in. 


Partnerships & Collaborations

The power is in working together.

Guiding and helping graphic designers and their clients gain insight into the design process. Giving the designer the tools needed to feel empowered in your business journey and understand the relationships between designer and client. 

graphic designsers' business boutique



Brand Development.

The power lies in clarity.

Did you know - your brand is not a logo. I help you develop  visual aesthetics based on your business goals, hopes, dreams and plans. Why? Having a brand designed based on strategy is an investment that will grow with you as your business evolves. This creates trust, like and love to ensure lifelong customers that will stick with you in any economic situation.

This ensures impact

Visibilty amongst competitors

LOYAL customers to generate revenue

Brand Consulting

Not sure what isn't working? We can help.

Sometimes the best view is the view from outside. I want to help your team create work that matters and develop personal ability and teamwork collectively. Working as an agency, one can get tunnel vision - having an outside perspective gives fresh direction and impactful insights. 

Collaboration with your entire team

Work that inspires

outcomes that satisfy your clients objectives

Want me to guide you instead? 

Feel Empowered!

Waitlist now open!

The Graphic Designers' Business Boutique. The Ultimate direction to running a creative business. In this six week course, you will go from feeling uncertain to empowered! Experience a lucrative and creative, fulfilling graphic design business.
I help you have the confidence to charge your rates, design in your own style, and be the creative powerhouse you are. While having the freedom you crave, I have created an environment that gives community and direction to having a business that truly gives life!

Kind Words

Working with Kunshuis brings about sheer happiness. Their creativity is on point and the end result … always amazing. I highly recommend their services to my clients as I appreciate their attention to detail and dedication to perfection.


Kunshuis has provided excellent work and has always achieved to translate exactly what our business wants to portray through the designs. This isn’t often the case, and therefore our number one choice.


It is a privilege to work with Nelett from Kunshuis. Not only due to her dedication & professionalism, but always understanding exactly what a client’s wants and providing a service & product over & above expectations.


The KunsHuis Promise

What Makes Us Different

We get you. we've been there. we can help.

I genuinely believe that you are unique. Your product and services are one of a kind because you are one of a kind. I love trends and get inspired by new ways of business, BUT I use these principles together with the essence of branding combined with your goals; to design work that is as one-of-a-kind as you are. Not only looking good but achieving goals. Creating ANYTHING for your business has to be goal orientated and with an apparent reason - then you will succeed in your desired direction.


It’s never too late
to rewrite your
your business
or reignite your

let's work together

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I desire that you enjoy your creative talents in creation and business. 


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