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You know you want something that looks excellent moves the needle for your campaign, business or product. This is where I come in - I take your business goal and design according to that desired outcome. I love the process from brief to strategy and taking it over to the visual side that brings it all together. 

And that is why I want to truly help you with strategic designs that work for you. 


My style is stylish and simplistic. I love clean design that grows with your business and has the ability to evolve over time. The designs are true to your business goals and reflects the uniqueness that you are and deserve. 

it's about relationship building

“Working with Kunshuis and Nelett always reminds me of drinking a Fizzy Vitamin…….it’s that immediate ‘lift me up’ ‘you can do this’ ‘let’s make you pretty’ feeling that one gets.

It’s fun, creative, and ALWAYS mindblowing what she comes up with, and there is always a touch of humanity, care, ‘we will get through this season-pep talk’ involved in the projects. Nelett cares about the product, the design, and the human behind it. And THAT is what makes me comfortable with her, her brand. That is why I will recommend Kunshuis and Nelett without thinking twice, and I have definitely been doing so and will carry on doing just that!”

Nelett helped me with my business rebranding.

It was the first time I have had professional help marketing my business. We started the process with questions around the purpose of my brand and what message I would like to say with my brand. It was a fascinating process that took me back to why I love doing it. 

Once the creative process started, Nelett was always spot on in conceptualising the ideas that I had in my mind. Sometimes even better than I could imagine. Thank you, Nelett, for taking me through such an exciting and rewarding process. The concepts you came up with are unique and will suit my brand for years to come.
I look forward to the next step.

I have worked with Kunshuis for the past 12 years ...

It has formed part of my trusted network of partners in building prestige, solid and authentic brands from the automotive to the FMCG industry.

What a remarkable brand building and design partner to work with! Nelett has always been super reliable and a creative guru to work with, consistently exceeding my and my brand's requirements. Kunshuis is renowned for its friendliness and professionalism, for its fresh, crisp and innovative work and delivers brilliant work on time every time.

Rhona Strauss

Genevieve Fisch

Sabine Roberts

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