WHOO HOO! Kunshuis WON Best Creative Strategist & Design Specialist 2022 in namibia!
voted by mea markets - I am very GRATEFUL and honoured!
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I’m Nelett, Your  Creative Strategist & Design Specialist

A Graphic Designer turned Creative Strategic Stylist.
Using heart & soul led Strategy to create impactful design projects that move you forward in business. 

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Ready to Level Up The Way You’re Showing Up?

here's what i do:

Understanding that you as a designer have great power and responsibility to create work that elevates your clients business is the x-factor to a sustainable creative future. I want to guide you as designers and clients to develop timeless, functional, and impactful work.

Brand Consulting


Sometimes you need an outside perspective or fresh eyes on a project or brief. That is where my consulting services come in. I work with your designer or agency to guide them in reaching an elevated outcome to a design project. 

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I want to help you have a visual brand that not only looks great but is grounded in your business vision. I love Design rooted in strategy that create the like, know and trust factor with a distinct uniqueness to every aspect.  

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Designer & Client greatness

Resources developed for graphic designers and their clients to gain insight into the design process. Give the designer the tools needed to feel empowered in your business journey!

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“KunsHuis is a creative powerhouse! The studio delivers professional service and holds high product standards. Their innovation and attention to detail set them apart.” 


Minimalist designer, inspired by creativity,
a total Magazine and water addict.

A brand developed correctly grow into a beautiful life of its own. It is life-giving, full of inspiration and hope. I am a creative strategist and design specialist who wants to help you as a designer and client develop skills that will help your business and brand GROW with each season of life.

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Helping entrepreneurs show up with impact and teaching


Understand the principles of a brand, create timeless design work and understand that you as a designer have immense power. I believe in Collaboration and educating our clients in the design process. This builds relationships that ensure consistent work, increases your experience and inspires design challenges. 

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I desire that you enjoy your creative talents in creation and business. 

The Art of understanding branding & how to use it to become a timeless designer.

An e-book for designer and client to help you understand a brand and truly use it to become a designer with timeless impact.


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