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Iā€™m Nelett, Your  Creative Strategist & Design Specialist

I am the creator of the Graphic Designers' Playbook, a resource that helps designers show up confidently daily in their creative business. As a Creative Strategist & Design Specialist, I have been a Creative Entrepreneur since 2010. I am inspired by creativity in all forms and sincerely desire to show you as a designer that you have all the POWER in your creative journey.

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I know this will change the game for you - make you more confident, empowered, and less uncertain. You are the creative hero, and the Playbook is your side-kick, showing you where the challenges are and guiding you to your mastery! Simplifying the business process and taking you from insecure to empowered and in control -

Book section about the Business side of design

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Guided notes pages for your projects

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Learn from 22 years in the design industry! I keep it short and sweet (I know not all of us are readers šŸ˜œ); This section covers the real-life knowledge you only learn in the trade! Weekly emails also comprise part of this section, where we discuss the topics in the Playbook.

Editable files in Adobe Suit to enable you to personalise all documents to your business look and feel.

No matter when 2023 you want to invest in the Playbook, you start with the diary pages when you are ready. This section keeps your days organised and deadlines scheduled.

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I have printed a notebook in this format for myself for years! Now I am sharing it with you. These pages keep all project notes, procedures, and client details more neatly in one space! No more missing note pages or client contact details.

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Understand the principles of a brand, create timeless design work and understand that you as a designer have immense power. I believe in Collaboration and educating our clients in the design process. This builds relationships that ensure consistent work, increases your experience and inspires design challenges. 

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