Hi there! I’m Nelett, a creative strategist and design specialist.

 I live for books and magazines; a bit of leopard print always brings me joy, and I can get lost in the power of creativity and other people's innovation!


I was a graphic designer working for an international advertising agency. I loved my work but wanted to do it my way.

I started KunsHuis in 2010 in my mom's dining room with just a laptop and a pay-as-you-go internet. I love what I do, and even more, I love helping others to develop their style, getting a design project not just out but achieving a client's goal through design with purpose. 

Started to design my life, moment by moment.

Then I finally found my purpose, helping clients design brands with style and strategy.

Nice to meet you. I am Nelett Loubser. A creative Entrepreneur from Namibia (a small country in Africa - the best place to live!). 
I am a mom to two, a wife, a believer of great functional design.
A born stationery addict and interior design enthusiast. I believe in continually improving and learning new skills, inspiring through beautiful work, and celebrating others' skills, talents, and dreams. 

I concentrate on creative, open and clean designs unique to your brand's personality. Helping you get your creative ideas together functionally and creatively to meet your business, campaign, social media, or design goals is where I come in!

I LOVE bringing clients ideas into a visual reality! Coming from an advertising background, I understand that each client is unique and that designs should match business objectives, goals and personalities. 

It is about being proud to use the final designs to enrich your project and business by exciting your customer!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
xo Nelett

Top: design your life. Left, love a good glass o wine. Top: my two silly-billies! 

I genuinely desire that YOU design YOUR life – and I want to help where I can.


Nelett is the founder of KunsHuis Graphic Design. She is a lover of great functional design. She hopes to inspire other graphic designers to realise their worth and show clients to collaborate with designers to deliver elevated work together.




I never knew it, but am a farm girl at heart!
our Namibian farm as a get-away! 


I am a total coffee-snob!
Love me some great coffee in the morning.


I say my favourite show is
Sex and the City #andjustlikethat


I am a total water addict! #waterpolice

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

Pizza and Champers

celeb i'd love to meet

Ryan Reynolds and the Queen

Guilty pleasure

Fries with catchup! 

alternate universe job:

Astrologist or Jewellery designer

favorite place i've been:

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park - wildlife preserve in the Kalahari Desert  - the closest I have been to our Great Creator!

drink of choice

A great glass of Red Wine

can't live without

Mascara and lip balm

usually craving

Green smoothies... and pizza. 

beach vs mountains

Farm then beach

favorite show to binge

Sex and the City!

Loving print magazines and spending more money on them than we can justify (or sometimes even read!) – the smell and promise of being introduced to new trends, designs, styles or food is oh-so-exciting! My curiosity and desire to share and inspire others grew. I decided to share all of the latest and inspiring things on a digital platform.

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I desire that you enjoy your creative talents in creation and business. 


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