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We are created to live in a pack. Community life makes challenges easier and safer as we know we are not walking the wilderness alone. Here in this corner of the internet is a creative community for you! I hope you will find your creators'-pack in this small space and feel safe knowing you are not alone in this wild world of freelancing.

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The Benefits of paper-based list making as part of healthy habits

ūüĎŹūüŹĽ One, in particular, is that it¬†Reduce Task Anxiety! And I don’t know about you, but for me, that is a MAJOR reason I love making task lists on paper and ticking them off as I get through them. It also gives this exhilarating feeling of small successes daily.¬†

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I’m Nelett.
I help heart-led clients and designers show up with style and grace. I am a Minimalist designer, inspired by creativity, a total Magazine, Pizza and water addict. Always striving for wholesome, mindful and soul-led living. 
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Anyone with a computer and design software can technically be a ‚Äėgraphic designer‚Äô. However, if you want to distinguish yourself as a top Creative, there is more to consider.

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Graphic Design takes time. Despite popular misconceptions, good creative work doesn’t often come in a flash of inspiration; usually, it comes from lots of trial and error. We also need to take the time to consider several approaches or concepts, and having open communication throughout the design project makes the outcome impactful!

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It’s a game-changer when it comes to time. I encourage you to learn your shortcut keys to make your design life more effortless¬†and streamline your workflow.

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I have the power to design my life. Really? In these times? Firstly let me explain what Design is. Design, in essence, is the act of harmonising moving parts. A balancing act of elements and colour, shapes and forms. Space and clutter, small and big elements. We, as designers, do not always have control over the type […]

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Pope Julius II directed Michelangelo in his painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling by explaining that he wanted a creation that would sanctify and celebrate the glory of the Lord. The Pope did not tell him to simply paint the ceiling.

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If COVID were a design project, I would stop where I am and redo the design because I struggle to balance all the elements given to me.

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When I started my career at the advertising agency in 2005, one of the first things I noticed –¬†and it’s a tiny thing¬†– but with such a significant time-saving impact; was to have the sizes of the documents or the artwork that I needed close to me for easy reference.

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With no uncertainty, we can all agree this year(2020) has been a year that will always go down, as we have recorded in the history books.

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The Ultimate Playbook for Designers

Not just a notebook, a business tool that guides you through every area of the design process. Starting at the brief and ending at Invoice and follow-up!

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Minimalist designer, inspired by creativity,
a total Magazine and water addict.

A brand developed correctly grow into a beautiful life of its own. It is life-giving, full of inspiration and hope. I am a creative strategist and design specialist who wants to help you as a designer and client develop skills that will help your business and brand GROW with each season of life.

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